Restaurant Concept

As evidenced by the concerns of lifestyle diseases associated with the westernization of the "diet", Japan has also become more health-conscious in recent years. However when it comes to the actual "dietary" situations, there still is a gap between ideal and reality. Due to the increase of the tourists from countries all over the world in recent years, Japanese "diet" has drawn much expectation. Then it got me pondering to see if there is anything I could contribute by making the most of my business experiences in the food and beverage industry.

Then we became focused on the concept of "Healthy & Beauty" from the food material point of view.
It is a prevailing notion worldwide that eating truly safe and tasty food leads to our everyday health.

Let's provide a place for people all over the world to rest assured and have a meal for real--.

In order to help all people feel the joy through the "diet",
It is our wish to become the one being desired across the boundary of nation, culture, and business format.


Lunch menu

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Dinner menu

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Zip code:150-0021

Location:Rangs Daikanyama 2F,2-13-16,Ebisu nishi,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,Japan

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Restaurant Information

■Opening hours:

 Lunch time  11:30~15:00
 Dinner time  17:00~23:00

 Lunch time  11:30~15:00
 Dinner time  17:00~22:30

We are closed on third Sunday every month.

■Delivery information

We are accept a reservation of the catered food by the phone.
In case of The day before reservation, we can deliver 10 items or more within the limits of the Tokyo 23 wards.
In case of the day, we can deliver up to 9 items within the limits of the Daikanyama & the Ebisu in 40 minutes, and in case of the orders 10 items or more, please make a reservation before 1 hour.


Rangs Daikanyama 2F,2-13-16,Ebisu nishi,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,Japan
TEL: 03-6452-5860


We are accepting reservation by telephone.